A Little Bit About Me

I love knowing how things work. I tore apart my Commodore 64 when I was 11. It was already broken so I figured, it wouldn't hurt anything. I figured out what was broken and got it working. I upgraded the HDD, memory and modem in my 3x86 when I was 12. I love technologies and the mechanics of how things work. Take this web site for example. I built it with with CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript using Visual Studio and Diet Coda for iPad. Just to see if I could code on an iPad. Evidently, it can be done! With all that said, if I am not messing around with a computer, my 454 or building something, I am spending it with my family.

I love my family. My son, while yet not even in kindergarden has the reading capacity of a 12 year old. I won't even get into the math aspect. So he keeps me challenged constantly! 

My darling wife is a successful, beautiful, self-motivated woman who can make a five star souflee from whatever we have in the fridge. She is currently getting her liscense in massage therapy.